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SODEREC organise des formations sur le risque chimique et la manipulation des produits dangereux.


Soderec organizes training on chemical hazards and handling of dangerous goods.
  • Specific training on the risk of hydrofluoric acid ( l’acide fluorhydrique)
  • Trining for Cl2, NH3, SO2
    Toxic risks
    Handling bottles
    Valves, flowmeter ...

materiel chlore 1 materiel chlore 2 materiel chlore 3

  • Training for intervention in cases of liquid or toxic gas (cylinders, pressure drums, containers) leak

sarcophage 2IConfinement of a container of chlorine

exercice 3Reducing leakage and implementation sarcophagus bottle of sulfur dioxide leaky.

exercice 2Installation of a sealing bell on chlorine container